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The Epic Story by JOHN KIMMEY Book I: JACK HOPPER AND THE POWER CRISIS Book II: JACK HOPPER AND THE TIME OF PURIFICATION Book III: JACK HOPPER IN THE FIFTH WORLD Their service to their people is to maintain the integrity of the information so that the instructions inherent within will be available to each […]

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Never Fear, Jack Hopper’s Here! Dissatisfied with the Hollowood versions of the end of the world? Jack Hopper Trilogy is the antidote to fear, terror and hopelessness. Transformation and Empowerment is the name of the game. Jack Hopper is the hero in all of us. Using the Hopi Prophecy as his guide, author John Kimmey, […]


Jack Hopper Trilogy Reviews If I were to choose one story for everybody to read, I’d pick the Jack Hopper Trilogy. This would cause minds to quicken and become aligned in harmony with the Universe. This charming trilogy is the finest example of a fictional tale speaking the underlying, time-tested truth. As you read along […]


Eesawu & Hohongwitutiwa: A Bond of Friendship and Life Purpose

I am writing this article to help explain my relationship with John, and the reason he placed the Earth Mother book on his website for free download. John did provide a note on his reason for presenting the book– the note can be found just below the link for making the e-book download. My words […]


ABW Radio – Seth Roffman & John Kimmey – Dec. 10, 2009

Seth Roffman edits the annual Sustainable Santa Fe Resource Guide and the monthly Green Fire Times and off and on for over 20 years he worked with traditional Hopi Indian elders as their secretary, … [More...]

ABW Radio – Prophecy Roundtable w Carl Calleman, Ruben Saufkie, Sr. & Elyse Monet – Oct. 24, 2011

Monday, October 24, 2011, 6pm EST: Today's show will be an Indigenous Prophecy Roundtable. Once a biologist conducting cancer research for WHO and now, internationally-renowned scholar and author of … [More...]

ABW Radio – Carl Calleman on the Mayan Calendar – Aug. 20, 2009

Carl Johan Calleman holds a Ph.D. in physical biology from the University of Stockholm. He has been a Senior researcher at the University of Washington and has served as a cancer expert for the World … [More...]

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