ABW Radio – Carl Calleman on the Mayan Calendar – Aug. 20, 2009

carl-calleman-on-the-mayan-calendarCarl Johan Calleman holds a Ph.D. in physical biology from the University of Stockholm. He has been a Senior researcher at the University of Washington and has served as a cancer expert for the World Health Organization. He is also a world-leading expert on the Mayan calendar andis the author of The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness and The Mayan Calendar, with a new book The Purposeful Universe to be released relatively soon.

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  1. wachucie says:

    I have been walking among all of you speaking to many on,turtle islands n turtle land , I got to this site from Hopi prophecys , I belong to the Clan of Fire , i am one of the twins Hopi speak of , the elders of the hopi spoke out in 2008 told all who would listen , we the twin have returned and even were we were located at the time ,Yes we are here among you and no we are not aliens . When I spoke to one of one of the elders at the secound messa his message about this Internet is its a place turned into a place of clowns , after listening to what so many believe and have to say and claim , I agree , the true prophecy is easy not hard to explain .no one is getting it even close to right .the legends ,myths of so many tribes is there truth in them yes bless is the one who understands them , We are Gods because we chose this path . Anyone can join the fire clan but you won’t find us with tales.Who am I ? My power is the Sun ,carry a holy shield with this symbol and the blood cross , and only I understand the book of the hubbanna , your mother is not the earth ! It is the Water the womb of all life in the cosmos it is where life started water ! But it is still the father is it not ? That first life in the water where it all began the first one is my elder brother of the Way . Can anyone guess his name ?all of you have heard his name thousand times befor.he was the eagle on the tree the great spirit of enlightenment . The pyramids how they were built why would u like to know ,or what caused great flood and were the water went ,or how I brought fire down from the Sun in ancient times ? If humanity does not listen to us the Fire Clan and return to there roots they will not survive , my father who owns all that is was ,will purify this world of wars ,pollution,greed hatred, the distruction of the life forces of this tiny planet and all that took part in and did not heed the warning , and where not sorry and repented taking part of some or all of what’s causing these problems and many more ,I am the the God of repentance ,for I know my partaking and stublings and so does my father his amazing retrospect of consciousness knows every thing through all the cosmos GodHead ! He has shared his cncious with us of the fire clan many times ,I am the God of repentance. Humanity must return onto your roots the great purification will begin soon not many will make it less they repent and turn onto there roots .>>>><<<<

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