Eesawu & Hohongwitutiwa: A Bond of Friendship and Life Purpose

HohongwitutiwaI am writing this article to help explain my relationship with John, and the reason he placed the Earth Mother book on his website for free download. John did provide a note on his reason for presenting the book– the note can be found just below the link for making the e-book download. My words here are meant to expand upon what he wrote, and to explain the bond that existed and still exists between us.

John and I share an unusual connection: we were both mentored by a Hopi elder. John’s mentor and friend was a kikmongwi; I was adopted by a mongwi, a member of the Hopi higher religious order. The adoption not only made me his son, but also a member of the tribe according to Hopi tradition (a mongwi can adopt a certain number of sons or daughters).

When I was adopted I was given the Hopi name Hohongwitutiwa, meaning “spirit energy for human strength and endurance.” My Hopi father was a true father to me, the same as my biological father who died many years ago– I have been very fortunate in life to have two fathers. My Hopi father also mentored me as his kiikelt, or young hawk (learner). He passed on knowledge of our Earth Mother and purification time that the Hopi were instructed to share at the end of the Fourth World in their original instructions. This is sacred knowledge kept private until now, when the signs, dreams and visions indicate that this information is meant to be shared with all of the Earth’s children, to restore what is needed to safely pass through this profound period. To not speak of this knowledge would be a betrayal of the Hopi’s sworn duty to the Earth and Great Spirit. Without a shadow of a doubt, restoring the truth about our Earth and Purification Time – the main focus of this book – cannot serve any wrong purpose.

I shared this knowledge together with  i’uuna, my father, for two years before he died past age one hundred. Since his death, I have continued the work of passing on this information to our brothers and sisters of the Earth. After John received this information, he included the knowledge of the Sacred Path of Migration in his presentations. We both felt a deep love and respect for our Hopi mentors, and the importance of carrying out the instructions given to the Hopi for this period.

The heart of this knowledge can be expressed as four fundamental ideas, which were included in the introduction of the Earth Mother book under the heading “The Heart of the Book.” Much of this knowledge will be new to most people, and so is best contemplated with open minds, as we did as children when experiencing new ideas. Here, extracted from the book and slightly edited, is that section, expressing four fundamental concepts at the heart of Hopi knowledge, part of their spirit laws (pootskwani), or  Law of Life, which the Hopi, who recognize the signs are instructed to share now.

The Heart of The Book

After being raised within a particular worldview, it is difficult to step out of it, seeing the world in an entirely new light; one in which the Earth is a great living being filled with the life, consciousness, and power of God, from whom we are given life and all we possess; one where the Earth has been carrying us through the ages, evolving us from stage-to-stage toward a perfected form in the heavenly orbit of the Morning Star. But this understanding is what we need to safely travel through this Purification Time.

1) Earth Mother: A true comprehension of the Earth, our relationship to Her and Her calendar Time; and how humankind’s earliest existence, present development, and future destiny all depend upon our Mother Earth.

2) Our Evolutionary Cycle: The meaningfulness of the universe, with its purposeful design progressing life through an evolutionary cycle operating in Nature. How we have reentered one of those cycles within our solar system, which for the Earth is the final step to our perfected life.

3) Warnings & Time: Warnings sent to educate and protect us from an unexpected and deceptive choice forecast to arise in the days ahead. This choice relates to a “Time-frame” not meant for us. The forthcoming choice to remain immovable from the Earth, or not, will decide our futures.

4) Creation, Nature & Death: How our progress is both internal (personal spiritual development), AND through Nature’s direct involvement; and the understanding that dying on Earth is nothing to fear. Death is a normal part of our progress, as natural as breathing.

Earth Mother

A proper appreciation of our Earth Mother begins by understanding that the universe is filled with the life of the Great Spirit, and that the Earth is our most imminent expression of that omnipresent, conscious intelligence, from whom life comes “down” to us. As new as this idea may be to some, Mother Earth is our nearest expression of the Godhead, whose “inner” fatherly life is known to us by different names within the religions of the world. This is a startling idea to many in our modern era, an idea once known and then lost through the ages. This knowledge is being restored now by our Earth Mother, to help us remember all She means to us, and to protect us from treachery that would take us from Her, just as She is about to reward Her faithful children with their highest life.

Most people have felt a special peace when spending time in Nature, especially in undisturbed, wilderness areas of the Earth. Watching the grand circle of the Earth’s life operate so harmoniously, speaks volumes about the wisdom and intelligence behind it.

That same universal, fatherly intelligence, honored by many indigenous peoples down the ages, lies close beneath our feet in our Mother Earth.

The Hopi refer to our living Earth Mother in their highest spirit law, Tutskwa I’qatsi, Land and Life are one: the Earth’s body is our Land (feminine-Mother), and Her inner Core-Heart is Her Life (masculine-Father). The bible itself refers to a wise and intelligent earth, when it states: “…speak to the earth and it shall teach thee…” (Job 12:8)

How much do we owe to the Earth – the one who gives us life, a home, all we possess, and carries us toward our highest existence? With that question in mind, what should we return to Her? – our gratitude, loving devotion, trust and loyalty? Have we not been charged to love our Creator with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength? What we owe, and should deservedly return to our Earth Mother, is a question left for each of us to answer.

Our Evolutionary Cycle

Perhaps the greatest difference between native and other religions is this: we believe in God and evolution. We believe God’s greatest work is through evolution. God is the divine artist; evolution is the divine art. Evolution is God’s Kiln, and man is still in the making.
(Native American Priest)

There is a cyclical process in Nature which moves life forward upon each mother world. This advancement of life requires the linear, calendar time we are provided by our Mother Earth. The periodic movements and evolutionary progress within this cycle occur at the end of Purification Times, when each world flies closer to the sun, and the life upon it is evolved to a higher stage due to the excitation present during these times.

This provides a complete picture of evolutionary change, which scientists do not yet fully grasp. They know evolution occurs, but there are problems with the idea of gradual evolution, due to missing successions of transitional forms in the fossil record. When we understand that evolution occurs after long intervals of uniformity (at Purification Times), much becomes clearer. Punctuated evolution, which agrees with the fossil record, is now a scientific theory called Punctuated Equilibria, a theory that agrees with the knowledge preserved from ancient times. When creation and evolution are not seen to be in opposition, so much becomes clear.

Our solar system has entered into another Purification cycle. For the Earth it is the final one, advancing Her to the crowning place of our system. As described above, at the end of Purification Times life is evolved to more advanced species adapted to live in their new environs. This progressive process, unheard-of to most in our day, is known as The Sacred Path of Migration. Following the Earth’s migration to its new position and density, humankind will evolve to an incorruptible form in an earthly paradise, where all live together in harmony.

The Sacred Path of Migration specifies the importance of remaining upon our mother world, from earliest beginnings to our completed forms, in what some indigenous peoples call the Fifth World. We have a contract with our Creator to remain in the calendar Time given us on Earth, allowing us to evolve forward toward the heavenly Fifth World, and our completed evolutionary life.

Here are some words from my native father on our evolution to the Fifth World (emphases are his).

When we reach (the Fifth World) we will be COMPLETE…
Earth Mother will remove the blindfold from our eyes
and our minds. She will give us the knowledge to all the
mysteries. And because we will be PERFECT, we will not
abuse the universal truths. We will then be the guardians
of our younger, un-evolved brothers and sisters.

I sometimes hear people speaking about our “ascension” – something they perceive as solely internal, carrying us beyond creation. But the universe is very important to us, as we have traveled across the ages with the Earth to be where we are now, as Homo sapiens. We are not yet finished along that evolutionary journey, but are about to receive our perfected lifeforms at the end of this purification cycle.

 Earth Mother’s Warnings

Within creation there is another road we can choose. This other road is alluring, but when taken breaks our covenants with God, removing us from the Earth and our coming completed life with Her. Native priests know this ungodly road relates to “Time-as-direction,” the reason compass directions are honored among peoples going far back in history. “Time-as-direction” is an incomplete knowledge of Time, allowing entry into a time structure not meant for us while we are still unfinished in our evolutionary development, as we are now.

Those in-the-know have secretly been using this Time-structure for many centuries to gain wealth and power. The knowledge preserved by native peoples warns that this Time reality will soon be announced to the world, and made to look wonderful in order to entice us into going there. Those who fall prey to this deception, abandoning their Earth Mother for the forbidden Time, must finally prey upon others to sustain their lives. They need us there for that dark purpose, but we certainly do not need them.

Down the ages this unholy Time-frame has been spoken of as an abomination, an accursed place devoid of godliness. Those who fall into the snare used to lure us there will be making a tragic mistake that leads to devolution – to what the bible speaks of as “beasts” and “outer darkness, and the Hopi call “qaloma katsinam.” The Hopi also warn of this zig-zag road (unlike the straight-line, linear Time on Earth) leading to oblivion, as shown on their Prophecy Rock. If we follow our hearts, remaining immovable from the Earth, we are on a safe course, the true road to our perfected life as designed by the Great Spirit.

The Importance of Creation and Nature

Many people today see our spiritual progress as an internal process alone, occurring over one lifetime, or many. But elders counsel that our progress depends upon both our internal purity(personal spiritual development) AND Nature’s direct involvementat the end of Purification cycles (evolution). At those times our mother world moves-up in our system, and life is further evolved. Those of Earth’s loyal children, who have worked to improve themselves and remained immovable, are then evolved to their next highest stage of life.

During our present purification cycle, humanity will have the opportunity to take the final step up the evolutionary ladder to our perfected, incorruptible lifeforms. Although our progress depends upon our internal purity and Nature’s part in evolving life, this book concerns itself more with the latter process, which is less understood and especially needed now.

Our progress normally occurs over a series of lifetimes. Following death, the Earth holds us within Her great life, later returning us to a new lifetime to continue our growth. Within this process, death is not fearful, but necessary and natural, a normal part of our ongoing, evolutionary progress. In past ages, and continuing among many traditional native peoples today, death is respected and honored rather than feared, and recognized as an essential part of our progress on Earth.

It is impossible that anything so natural, so necessary, and so universal as death, should ever have been designed by Providence as an evil to mankind. ~ Jonathan Swift

In the following, my native father shares his words about death (speaking to his granddaughter).

Do not be afraid to die, my granddaughter. You want to live forever in this form you have now in this Fourth World, where even children die of hunger, and no water, and getting very sick with many diseases, and wicked people are going around hurting and killing? Or do you want to go to the Fifth World, where there is no more struggling? Maybe you would speak to me: “when will these things be happening? I don’t want to die a young woman!” I answer you: “be strong hearted!” Every day, even small children and newborn babies are dying, and women younger than you are dying, and many young men going to war are dying. In 110 years all creatures alive today will be gone and replaced by new creatures. To be born is natural and  to die is also natural.

From the blue ocean of death
Life is flowing like nectar.
In life there is death; in death there is life.
So where is fear, where is fear?… ~ Phire Chalo

Each lifetime affords us an opportunity – through the free will choices we make, and the consequences they return – to purify ourselves further, to become more loving and unselfish. As our purity grows (hopefully) over our lifetime(s) through the ages, our Earth Mother evolves us to more perfect forms. She does this as She moves nearer the sun following each Purification cycle.

I hold that when a person dies, his Soul returns again to earth; Arrayed in some new flesh-disguise, another mother gives him birth. With sturdier limbs and brighter brain, the old soul takes the road again. ~ John Masefield

The prophetic period we have reentered requires a keen awareness of our ongoing progress within creation, so we can wisely and safely traverse this special period. This is a time to search our minds and hearts carefully, to find what our existence on Earth truly means to us, as we face the choices and chaotic times that lie ahead.



Dancing Awake The Fifth World


Welcome to Dancing Awake The Fifth World website presenting
Native American Prophecy by John Kimmey (Eesawu)


Greetings from John,

HAPPY NEW WORLD! The Fifth World has just leaped into hyper drive and we are all trying to catch up! The political and social realms have metamorphed and the spiritual realm is bearing down upon us in earnest. We are being shown glimpses of futures we could make happen. Some are horrifying and some are glorious. The bummer visions are of massive earth changes sweeping up life like a great dust pile from Nature’s broom to the dust pan of history and on out to become particles and eventually the seeds of future planets.

The key to the resolution of this extreme polarity is, of course, the opposite of fear: LOVE. And that love is needed desperately by Mother Earth and her family of Sun and planets. A Mayan holy man once told me, “2012 is not the end of the world but the end of our solar system context of time. We are going from solar consciousness to galactic time. All of our precise calculations in Mayan Time Science are but stepping stones to joining the Universe. We are, after all, God’s apprentices!”

Now many of us share a compelling urge to leap into ever deeper spiritual practice. People of faith are discovering that their prayers are being answered more quickly than ever. Meditations are deeper and more fruitful. Communion with the spirit world has never been more intimate and meaningful. We can now forge partnerships with our Spirit Guides to accomplish specific tasks. When folks gather in celebration and circle up there is a tangible sense of belonging to something greater than our individual selves. What I feel, being and Aries, is a powerful spirit of pure potential. As if destiny had wrought the moment with something very specific in mind.

We must seize those opportunities which destiny is dishing out . But how do we choose a target, direction, goal or dream? When I ask that of myself the immediate response is coming from the bottom of my feet. It is our beloved Mother Earth waiting for our dreams to finish so we can awaken into the ‘real world’ again and return home to her loving embrace. We, her errant children, can no longer indulge in the luxury of misbehavior. We are now conducting our own rite of passage out of evolutionary childhood into becoming evolutionary adults. And Mother has immediate need of our responsible stewardship. Until we have restored balance and a harmonious relationship with our Mother , our personal dreams and aspirations are meaningless and only encourage chaos. So let’s get together and beeeeeeeeeee all right!!!

By John Kimmey

As Southern California burns,
And Florida dries up,
As Population soars,
And food production diminishes,
As wild food sources dwindle,
And genetic crop contamination is rampant,
As epidemics loom,
And wars rage,
We can only decide to survive or not.

Now is the time. Tomorrow will be too late.So what defines a survivor?
A survivor is one who works out,
A survivor is learning survival skills,
A survivor is paying attention,
A survivor is positive,
A survivor is communing with Spirit.
A survivor is not wasting precious time,
A survivor has a sense of humor,
And takes nothing personally,
Least of all one’s self!

We all share a common angst called the future,
It will not be denied its day,
Our enlightenment is emminent,
As our superstitions dissolve before our third eyes.
Our hearts are one,
And like children entering the dark forest,
Our hands are clasped.
Before us evolution beacons,
I take my place with you, as an elder,
And I join you with all my heart.


watermark_circle jack-hopper-trilogy-title

The Epic Story by JOHN KIMMEY


Their service to their people is to maintain the integrity of the information so that the instructions inherent within will be available to each member. This body of knowledge and instruction has been a guiding beacon for each generation for many thousands of years. Those parts that refer to past events must be maintained as well as descriptions of events to come. Only then can the big picture of the overall meaning of the Fourth World be comprehended, applied and thus well lived.


john-kimmey-portraitThe Trilogy is not meant to represent the Fourth World view that Hopis hold in their hearts. It is merely one man’s view, who after 35 years of intimacy with the message chose to share what was in his heart, and to do so orally in order to maintain the integrity of sacred practice of oral tradition.When we hear stories, purely told from the heart, something magical happens. This is, after all, the original format for instruction. It is the first ‘media.’ In this high tech world where we are showered with too much information and assailed by bells and whistles, we have tended to become jaded and insensitive, a natural survival response. Before the advent of audio books, the modern oral tradition was an endangered cultural form. It is hoped that this tale will serve to reprogram the hearer into a receptive, imaginative listener.


jack-hopper-trilogy-back-coverThe publication of this work coincides with a period of unprecedented global turmoil. Record storms, earthquake activity, global warming, wars and impending international financial collapse has everyone in limbo on how to respond. Only those cultures that have maintained a coherent view of the past, present, and future have a clue. The Hopis have maintained their knowledge of these times and have specific instructions on how to prepare for more severe times ahead. They are not alone as there are remote pockets of human integrity in the forgotten places of the world. Hopi, however, may be the only group who were instructed to share their knowledge with the rest of us at this time. Those of us who have taken it to heart are eternally grateful. This work is an offering to all brothers and sisters who can take to heart the ‘spiritual medicine’ aspect of it. May it bestow faith and courage for this Time of Purification of the Fourth World.


Jack Hopper Trilogy © all rights reserved

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Earth Mother eBook

Earth Mother

Our Womb of Life

(Second Edition)

Ancient Knowledge Restored

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PLEASE NOTE and be advised that while I, John “Eesawu” Kimmey, am not the author of this wonderful book I feel that it is important information and that the source is reliable and that I wish to facilitate its further distribution.FROM THE BACK COVER AND INTRODUCTIONWe live in a prophetic time. The interpretation of holy texts, private revelations, and numerous prophecies, all point to our current period as a time of a great world transformation. This “Purification Time,” as some call it, is when the deeper knowledge of our Earth Mother, and the process progressing us within our sun system are needed to help prepare us for this special period, when unexpected events, and fateful choices will arise for each of us. It also provides us a key to understanding the meaning of many myths, legends, and world mysteries, all of which connect with the end of our age, and the coming of the “New Heaven” upon the Earth.The dreams and visions of holy people across the Earth, and the prophetic signs now in the world, made it clear to them that the end-cycle of this age had arrived. To help prepare us for coming events, some members of the higher religious orders have begun openly sharing knowledge they’ve preserved pertaining to our Earth, and the Purification cycle we have reentered. Those elders that are responding to their visions, to the prophetic signs about us, and to their instructions concerning this period, know it is their duty to share this knowledge now as a giveaway to all of the Earth¹s children. To not speak of this knowledge would be a betrayal of their sworn duty to the Earth and Great Spirit. Without a shadow of a doubt, restoring the truth about our Earth and Purification Time– the main focus of this book– cannot serve any wrong purpose. To not speak of them now would be a “brevatio manus Domini” ­ a foreshortening of the hand of God.


‘Earth Mother Our Womb of Life: and the Coming New Heaven’: New Book Foretells Great Changes, Important Choices for Humanity

BLOOMINGTON, Ind., May 19 /PRNewswire/ — “Earth Mother Our Womb of Life: and the Coming New Heaven” (published by AuthorHouse — is the new non-fiction book published anonymously by an author using the pen name “Your brother.” In the introduction the author describes his mentoring by holy elders and the message he was given to share with humanity for the coming times. “Earth Mother Our Womb of Life” presents this message given to the author, a message pertaining to the holiness of earth, humanity’s deep roots in it and the natural cycle that has returned bringing great changes and important choices to our world: “This returning, ancient season of Nature has been known by different names throughout history: The Day of Resurrection, Pachacuti, Purification Time, the Earth’s birth pains, and Judgment Day, among others.”

The author asserts that the true understanding of our Earth has been lost to this age, but is needed now and is being restored to us:

After centuries of revising canonical books, nearly every trace of Earth Mother and her Immaculate Heart have been removed from Christian literature, but to the scholarly and discerning eye the Divine Earth and her Immaculate Core/Heart are very present. There is one “Hidden One” and He goes by many names. With this understanding, when we start a prayer we can do so with knowledge that whether we say God, Jehovah, Shiva, Allah, or Amen, our prayers are received by our Father, who is the Heart of our Mother Earth.

“Your brother” believes that human destiny depends upon following nature’s course upon the Earth. His message warns we will soon be deceptively lured to leave our world, just when we are about to reach our crowning life with it:

There is nothing mystical in Nature. We are part of the Universe, part of Nature’s purposeful cycles within creation which have been progressing life toward a final goal for ages upon the Earth. The life and power of the Almighty Spirit are everywhere within Creation including our own Mother Earth. Our age has forgotten the imminence of God in Nature. If we sever our roots in the Earth we abandon Nature’s plan, removing ourselves from our life-giving source and course, breaking our covenants with the Great Spirit we call God.

“Earth Mother Our Womb of Life” presents the viewpoints of holy elders and their beliefs in humanity’s hallowed relationship to the living Earth. “Your brother” states: “The knowledge being restored connects religious and scientific truths, some yet to be discovered in this age. The information presented is not fictional in any respect; its truths are far-reaching, requiring revisions in our understanding of astronomy, geology, biology-evolution, and significantly affecting a host of other disciplines.”

“Earth Mother Our Womb of Life” is divided into four main sections: an introduction outlining the concept of the book, a summary of “Ancient Truths Preserved by Native Peoples,” an overview of how these ancient principles pertain to the purification cycle and a section on time. The book features six diagrams illustrating the positions of the inner planets during different eras, the southwest sunflower sand painting and a cutaway view of the earth showing its core heart.

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Dancing Awake The Fifth World

Mission Statement

There is a tremendous waste of precious time and energy now among good, genuinely concerned folks. Reacting to the crumbling empire is getting us nowhere. It is definitely crumbling, or more descriptively, the dominoes are falling. There is no point in trying to ‘save’ it. It’s not savable. Let’s move on. Our purpose here at this site is to call in the visionaries. Those of us who harbor deeply held ideas of how an ideal society would look, walk, talk and celebrate this miraculous gift of life, are now called upon to express and discuss, and ultimately dance awake our deepest hearts desires.

Grandfather David Monongye, the last Hopi Prophet, said that in the Fifth World there would be one language spoken and one religion practiced. The language would come from the Heart and the religion would come from the Earth. When people live in balance with the creation nothing else will be needed. So this is the foundation stone for our collective vision. Through deep meditation, prayer, and seeking out the inner vision, we can not only describe what is coming to replace the faltering Fourth World, together we can start living it in our daily lives. This is what is meant by Dancing Awake the Fifth World. Are you ready to dance?

A Silent Forest

A Silent Forest – The Growing Threat of Genetically Engineered Trees (GE/GMO)


This award winning documentary film explores the growing global threat of genetically engineered trees to our environment and to human health. The film features renowned geneticist and host of PBS’ The Nature of Things David Suzuki, who explores the unknown and possibly disastrous consequences of improperly tested GE methods. Many scientists and activists are interviewed in the film, which serves as an effective and succinct tool for understanding the complex issue of GE trees. The film includes the testimony of many experts on the subject and serves as a valuable tool to inform students and those interested in environmental issues. The film has been well used in public forums, government as well as college and high school classrooms.The film includes an interview with Percy Schmeiser, who lost the rights to his own crops to Monsanto, when Monsanto seeds contaminated his fields. As Schmeiser says in the film:

“It doesn’t matter how it gets there, destroying your crop. All of your crop, becomes Monsanto’s ownership and they can lay a lawsuit on top of it against you. Even if the contamination rate is 1%, all your other 99% of your crop goes to Monsanto. And that’s what startled the world, how farmers can lose their rights overnight, an organic farmer can lose his seeds and his rights overnight, and get subject to a lawsuit.”

The film shows how farmers like Schmeiser and indigenous people may lose their way of life and belongings in the face of new biotech friendly science and legislation. A Silent Forest won first place in the EarthVision Environmental Film Festival and a First Place in the Wild and Scenic Environmental Film Festival. The film is created by award-winning director Ed Schehl who has been making and promoting documentaries on environmentalism and social justice for 15 years. As new crucial forms of legislation and urgent needs for action arise, this film makes information available to the general public.

Review of “A Silent Forest: The Growing Threat, Genetically Engineered Trees”
by Sam Burcher

A film that exposes the growing global threat of genetically modified trees and the startling impact of genetic engineering on biodiversity.


David Suzuki of David Suzuki Foundation is a geneticist who has enjoyed a twenty-five year career in science that includes heading the largest genetics laboratory in Canada. He agreed to narrate A Silent Forest because he is deeply concerned about the unseemly haste in applying ideas from genetic engineering to the real world. He believes that it is far too early to put genetically modified (GM) traits into medicines, and foods, or in our fields.

DNA taken from one species and inserted into another species, is horizontal gene transfer, and is the basis of genetic engineering. Suzuki is adamant that it is simply bad science for the pro-GM lobby to imply that horizontal gene transfer is the same process as the fundamental exchange of male and female genes, which is known as vertical inheritance.


This is the favoured theory used by genetic engineers to explain the process of artificial selection, and is, according to Suzuki, “a caricature of misrepresentation.” In nature, genes function within the context of an entire genome, and within a whole organism. (See: Living with the Fluid Genome)

Genetic engineering alters the context in which the gene is found. It’s new and complex, and yields unexplained results. Suzuki’s example is to take the singer Bono out of his band U2, and putting him into the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. There would be sound, but there is no way of predicting how precise, or what the sum total of the activity would be.


Genetically modified trees are not science fiction, Suzuki says. There are hundreds and possibly thousands of GM tree test plots all over the world. (See: UN Caution Against GM trees). GM DNA is inserted into the embryos of plants usually using a bacterium or virus. These genes would be extracted from an unrelated organism, whose transfer could never happen naturally, or, by hybridisation.

The four design parameters of GM trees:

Sterile trees – produce no nuts, fruits, seeds, flowers, or pollen. This drastic intervention, it is hoped, will stop the cross contamination of native trees and other species, via insects, and wind blown pollination.

Herbicide resistant trees – can be sprayed with company herbicide and survive, but many other plants and species die.

Low lignin trees – has had half it’s strength removed. It grows faster, and is cheaper and easier for the paper industry to pulp. But it is vulnerable to environmental stresses such as high winds. Once fallen, it decomposes quicker, returning C02 to the atmosphere at an accelerated timescale.

Total tree a pesticide – this tree is a systemic toxin that kills all insects that feed on it, with no specific target, and no limit as to what is harmed.


Sterility bred into plants and trees is no guarantee that cross-pollination stops happening. One hundred percent sterility is impossible, as the urge to reproduce is powerful. This technology can never be reliable; sterility can be spread into food crops and into native forests. Forests that cannot sustain insects and animals through its’ harvest, are not forest at all.

Herbicide resistance is also problematic. The number one herbicide in the US is Monsanto’s Roundup Ready. When liberally and/or aerially sprayed on GM crops and trees many plants in its path are killed, but so are earthworms and small mammals. Fish, frogs, and aquatic invertebrates are particularly sensitive to it. Roundup contains Glyphosate, a chemical known to cause birth defects and allergic effects (See: Glyphosate toxic and Roundup worse)

In California, there has been an increase of illness in human outdoor workers who are using Roundup. Its effects on wildlife appear to be as lethal as DDT, which was considered an innovative chemical for pest control, until songbirds and eagles started to disappear. Denmark has had the foresight to ban glyphosate when it was found in drinking water.

Infecting the entire system of a tree with a toxin also harms many species. Monica Moore of PAN (Pesticide Action Network) points out that the pesticide gene is always “on” and expressing itself, and it cannot be turned off. She cautions that the insects that develop resistance to Bt, select similar insects, and produce superbugs. The film cites ISIS paper Superbugs and Anthrax genes, as a further warning of the potential hazards of Bt recombining with other bacteria genes in the soil.


Dr. Ignacio Chapela of Berkeley University says that Bt trees are a crazy idea. Trees have long life cycles, from between 50-100 years, and longer. Therefore putting toxins into every cell will affect insects and organisms for a very long time. Bt flows through the soil via the roots of GM trees (or GM corn) into the soil. This alters the microbial composition of the soil. From the soil it can leach into ground water and surface water. Where GM corn is grown, up to 5 times the safe limit of bt toxin is found in groundwater.

Dr. Maewan Ho (ISIS), on her lecture tour of the Philippines at the end of 2005, found that farmers exposed to Bt crops in 2003 are still battling with illnesses. (See: Further illnesses in farm workers and handlers of Bt cotton, and mass deaths among sheep grazing in Bt cotton fields have now turned up in India.


Percy Schmeiser features in the film and explains how Monsanto used him as a test case (Monsanto vs. Schmeiser), to gauge the legal implications of GM contamination. After two and a half weeks of trial, the judge ruled that it did not matter how GM particles got into his fields, e.g. by wind, buds, insects, passing truck. If even one percent of Schmiesers’ crop was contaminated by GM material, then it becomes the property of the corporation.

The “one gene, one protein” hypothesis automatically assumes ownership on behalf of the corporation who has made the GM plant, tree, or seed, and whatever it comes into contact with and contaminates. One gene ownership is a dangerous premise with the potential to control our entire natural environment. This includes parks, and wildernesses, and represents the privitization of life itself. In theory pollen drift from a GM test plot in Michigan could contaminate all the trees in North America.


GM tree plantations are targeted at locations where labour and land is cheap. In countries such as Chile and Brazil an increasing amount of precious land and water is given over to GM plantations that destroy self-sufficient communities and ruin the lives of indigenous and rural people. (See “UN Caution over GM trees”) No serious consideration is given to the effects of GM trees on communities or ecosystems.

Alternative methods of paper production must be developed in order to eliminate the need for forest-based paper manufacturing. There are many examples of strong natural crops such as hemp from which paper could be made. Ethical choices by consumers can influence industry in this direction. A great deal of savings on paper use in advertising and packaging can also be made.

David Suzuki concludes his narration by saying that most of our current ideas involving biotechnology are going to turn out to be wrong. In any revolutionary areas, many ideas are proved wrong, and this is how progress is made. The rush to commercialise GM trees is absolutely dangerous because we haven’t a clue what the long-term implications of our manipulations will be.

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Global Peace Zone

Dancing Awake The Fifth World

On Defining a Global Peace Zone

by John Kimmey

Hawaii is the tallest mountain range on earth. 90% of its landmass is under water. The land above the surface of the ocean is the most remote habitable place on earth. The indigenous inhabitants have a gift for those of us in search of global peace. It is called by them the spirit of Aloha. And it is alive and well still, even amidst our modern chaos.

The Aloha spirit is the ideal model for global peace. Modern Hawaii is the place of intercultural collaboration. The bridge of East and West. What do all the inhabitants have in common, whether they are Hawaiians, Japanese, Chinese, Philipino, Korean, Vietnamese, Samoan, British, American, Indian, Canadian, etc., etc.? They have all adopted the original spirit of the native inhabitants. They practice the aloha spirit. And well they should, for it is the only appropriate spirit for diverse, interdependent people sharing the most remote rock on earth.

Aloha spirit says that having a good time is a basic social tendency which, when practiced, creates peace. When you practice enjoying yourself my enjoyment is enhanced. This truth has been arrived at from experience. Those times in ancient history when leaders ruled with intimidation and terror the rock became hell on earth, and no other earth to run off and hide on. In other words there was no alternative to hell. Hell was normal. The cultural memory of those days has cultivated the flip side of hell. It is called Paradise.

You may say that this is just idealistic speculation. Modern Hawaii has its problems, just like everyplace. But that’s not my point. Here is a microcosm of the entire world coexisting successfully with both itself and the rest of the world. Their common issue of discussion when I was there five months after September 11 was their opposition to being photographed speeding in their cars and then sited by mail. The Big Brother thing wasn’t working on these folks. The majority were vocally opposing the concept of surveillance of the public. A rather healthy view, indeed.

A global peace zone, conceptually, requires more than a definition of what it isn’t. Such a revolutionary concept requires an entirely new paradigm. It’s not reactionary but visionary. It is our collective dream of the world we never got in this life. It is that hidden part of our natures which has learned to back down from the hard, cold, ugly ‘reality’ of today. It is the wish we never dared to wish. It is paradise, unrealized. Such opportunities don’t come along often. The very idea of world peace was never even a concept before the advent of the League of Nations in the late ’30’s. And we have inherited our parents’ misinterpretation as the modern political disaster we are sharing now. Global Peace, by its very name, cannot be legislated and enforced. It must be chosen. And It must be shared equitably.

So the idea of a particular zone where we generate peace is in itself an oxymoron. Peace must be for all. But not all are ready. Places like Taos and Santa Fe appear to be ready. And what these two communities share in common is that they are both non-industrial, retail driven economies. They are also flanked by two facilities designed to provide the military-industrial complex with ever newer technologies to execute war. That makes us an island. Our situation is far worse than Hawaii in that our surrounding ocean is actively engaged in our annihilation. But like Hawaii, we share many of the same sharks, lurking just offshore.

I believe in vision. I have taken part in its manifestation. I know that the more people who share a vision the sooner it manifests. I also know we have never needed one more than now. And we must start somewhere. Let’s begin by identifying what a new paradigm must replace.

Perhaps we should begin with fear. When we practice fear we generate mistrust, aggression, offensiveness, pride, and intolerance. We isolate ourselves from others out of a sense of safety. We create a fantasy from our need to cope, and that fantasy becomes our personal sanctuary from the real world. In order to maintain the fantasy we found our personal perspective on a complex system of denial. This paints everything tolerable. What we have constructed for ourselves is a living hell. And we call it, “I’m OK, You’re OK.”

The next most replaceable aspect of modern life might be jealousy. We have been manipulated by a system that, by its very nature, promotes jealously. Our most basic economic premise is scarcity. We punish those without ‘enough’ money while we reward those with ‘more than enough’. This promotes wishful thinking, which moves us to work ever harder, never-fully reaching the fulfillment of our wish. We have achieved the dubious distinction of becoming the world’s consumers. And, in fact, are consuming the world at the expense of it. Our assumed needs already exceed the world’s carrying capacity. One dollar earned in interest in the bank means someone must starve.

I believe sexual repression is right up there as unnecessary baggage in a global peace zone. Have you noticed how every religion achieves, among it adherents some degree of sexual repression and therefore guilt? It’s woven into the entire fabric of our lives. If you care to demonstrate to yourself just how deep it goes, go ahead and exercise your sexual fantasy and observe the devastating consequences. The loneliness we all feel these days is because of alienation. We have learned to maintain this alienation through construction of elaborate rationalizations. We have some attitude about the opposite sex that limits our ability to achieve relationship. We have created personal character traits that discourage others from finding us attractive. We have taught ourselves to blame others for this. We are the loneliest people on earth.

What if we eliminate the need for fantasy completely? What kind of a world would we have created? Certainly one with a lot less videos! We have become second-hand fantasy addicts. Most of us would rather watch someone have sex in two dimensions than to do it in three. When Mother Teresa visited the United States she called us the loneliest people on earth.

I believe by elimination of the above three most prevalent tendencies in our present way of life; fear, jealousy and repression we will achieve a state of being which could easily be described as peaceful. And a world without fear, jealousy, and repression could begin to come close to a true state of aloha. It sounds like fun to me. And perhaps we should take our lead from our children, who, when left to their own devices always seem to opt for fun. If we cannot accept the gift of life by fully celebrating it, then we are denying it, therefore are not fully alive.


Dancing Awake The Fifth World



It is our time. We are awakening out of a seemingly eternal sleep. We were once awake and are returning to that state, only this time, as we wake, the doorbell is ringing. We wake on our feet on our way to meeting our new self. What an exciting time! To know there is precious treasure awaiting us on the other side of the door. All that is required is opening the door.

Whoever we bring to the door is no longer qualified to proceed further, other than opening the door. After that another persona with our name will emerge and carry on. This requires faith and courage. What will happen to the ‘old you’ when the advanced you takes control? Who will answer the phone at the office of business as usual? Will anyone recognize the change? Who benefits, and how?

The answers are hidden in a field of energy known simply as US. The old identity of ‘me’ is dissolving in our waking. It was always just a dream, anyway. The emergence into the mystery school of US develops its own character and destiny. It must proceed even though we have no clue where it is taking us. We can only hope it is going to settle in greener, more loving pastures than where we have been camping as slaves.

Welcome to the process of evolution. We are the generations of the Purification Time and we are the ones we have been waiting for. It is for us to ‘Dance Awake the Fifth World’.

Now our source of guidance and inspiration lives inside us. We can call upon It anytime and receive immediate response. This Fifth World Energy slipped up on us and took most of us by surprise. Since then it has been increasing and we have taken it into our hearts mostly unconsciously. The waking up is the knowing it is present and beginning to realize we must get in the driver’s seat and steer.

Unlike the past, which allowed us to live under the illusion that we were each unique and separate, this new energy requires us to be US, Terrans, Family, Tribe, etc. Our survival depends on love, cooperation, collaboration and self sacrifice. Welcome to the Fifth World. Are you ready to dance with us? Frankly, it’s the only game in town where everybody is a winner.

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This book is what the author calls a future myth. The characters, albeit mythological, are a lot like you and me. In fact, this very time we are…

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This book is what the author calls a future myth. The characters, albeit mythological, are a lot like you and me. In fact, this very time we are…

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This book is what the author calls a future myth. The characters, albeit mythological, are a lot like you and me. In fact, this very time we are…


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