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arvol-looking-horse-smarvol-looking-horse“Our vision is for People of all continents to come together as ONE at their Sacred Sites to pray, meditate and commune with one another, on this day, thus promoting an energy shift to heal our Mother Earth and achieve a united consciousness toward attaining Peace.””Our vision is for People of all continents to come together as ONE at their Sacred Sites to pray, meditate and commune with one another, on this day, thus promoting an energy shift to heal our Mother Earth and achieve a united consciousness toward attaining Peace.”


The Fifth World Defined

Dancing Awake The Fifth World

The Fifth World Defined


The Fifth World is either the present world, or the next world, in several Native American beliefs which center around a cyclical understanding of time. According to both Native American Hopi mythology and Maya mythology, the current world we inhabit is the “Fourth World.” In both belief systems, time is cyclical, and the end of one world is the beginning of the next. For the Hopi, the end of the fourth world is marked by the arrival of Pahana, or the lost “White Brother.” The Maya calendar charts out this progression through astrology, concluding that the current, fourth world will end sometime near the December solstice in 2012 (dates vary based on interpretation).

The Aztecs held similar beliefs, but they believed we are currently in the fifth world, and that it is the sixth world that is to arrive next.

The coming Fifth World (where our present World is presented as the Fourth) is said to arrive following a cycle in Nature affecting our entire Solar System, where our Earth births an Egg (Mystery Egg, Hidden Egg) and then moves “up” within our system to reach its crowning place. All of the Earth’s life is then said to be “raised” to its perfected-eternal form. Some tribes refer to this period of change as “Purification Time.” During this period of Purification, Time is said to change where we must choose between the natural Time we have now upon our Earth (meant for us) and an unnatural Time structure which removes us from Nature and our opportunity to reach the Fifth World. It is told that everyone will have to choose between the two Time frames– one leading to the Fifth World with our Earth, and the other (which will be very alluring, deceiving many) which will remove us from our Earth, taking us to oblivion.


Jack Hopper Trilogy Reviews


If I were to choose one story for everybody to read, I’d pick the Jack Hopper Trilogy. This would cause minds to quicken and become aligned in harmony with the Universe. This charming trilogy is the finest example of a fictional tale speaking the underlying, time-tested truth. As you read along it becomes clear that there is so much to be learned from this wisdom. The knowledge embodied in the Hopi Prophecy is about the only truth left in the world today. All the main characters are symbolic of hidden lessons presented in the prophecy. All life forms had the power to co-create, but this ancient knowledge was ignored and forgotten. It is the story of a talking coyote who forms a coalition with a boy, his horse, and a golden eagle. Cuahtli, the eagle, invites them to follow their dreams of saving the dying Earth. The spiritual path is the only given path, as Cuahtli, messenger from the Spirit World, proclaimed. From this bond of four enlightened brothers, they found the Spirit-Beings, humans and animals who all wished to follow their hearts, and each sharing their own special gifts, helped complete the Purification of this, the Fourth World, rescue the remaining survivors during the rebirth?with lots of help from Pahana, the Purifier, and other spiritual entities. Chua, an underground spirit being, was responsible for revegetating and renewing the natural landscape that had been destroyed in the last world. Then the four brothers laid the truth on the President of the United States, demonstrating without a doubt the power of the Great Spirit?God?by means of their own love-powered Golden Ark of the Fifth World. Thus, entering the age of light without heat, a terrific new beginning. Sounds enticing, huh?


All I can say is you must read it because the wisdom that relates truth throughout this fantastic story is found on every page. Written by a man whose entire life thus far is reflected in his words. After reading along on this sojourn, you’ll find your own dormant powers awakening, and you’ll be grinning from ear to ear.
There’s so much more to the story to enjoy and understand, so without telling any more of it, I’ll conclude with this: Here’s a book that had to be written eventually, and only one person was and is so qualified to write it, John Kimmey.
~ Craig Crowler


From the wisdom of the Hopi to the learning of the prophecy and the purification, this is written in a way that probably is only how it could be told; this is one entertaining story from the beginning to the end. To start with a coyote in Barstow, throw in a kid from Farmington and horse named Honzoni, and take us on this fabulous ride inside the major events happening across the land was truly a moving and heart felt adventure in reading. I was never at a point where I could or even wanted to put it down. You have written it in a style that takes the reader on journey from the words of the Hopi in a direction of relating that is the right way. I found myself being a part of each character and you brought into each character such a living presence. Bringing in the involvement of the President, the ceremonies and the connection with man and beast, then connecting them to the Great Spirit and the rest in the way you did was just marvelous. This would make a great movie! Yet right, it is all about communication…
~ John Yearout

Fifth World Apprentinceship

Dancing Awake The Fifth World

Fifth World Apprenticeship

Perhaps I am so appreciative of this form of education because I have apprenticed with so many masters throughout my life. I am, in fact, still an apprentice at the age of 67. I seem to attract great teachers. I have never been one to go out in search of them,They just seem to find me. Anyway, I would like to share some of my insights which developed from my learning experiences.Apprenticeship is the oldest form of learning. It is so effective that most of creation is dependant upon parental and collective guidance for survival, and evolution. Seldom in the biological world does any species enter this world knowing how to feed itself. It’s up to the adults to impart this knowledge, always by example. A modern theory of evolution states that the sole function of life is to generate and pass on information. Consciousness is the only eternal reality. Everything else is impermanent, therefore an illusion.So now we are entering an entirely new cycle of evolution. You might ask, “so why do we need to remember our past experience if we are about to experience a new reality”? That is a very valid question and one which must be answered before we can proceed into our new experience. My answer is that we must learn how to learn, no matter where we go next. The unbroken transmission from the learned to the unlearned is a natural obligation of having a life. Learning is the process of interpreting our reality. Without the process there would be no need for experience. And even a rock has consciousness. We know because it knows how to be a rock. It follows all the laws of rock ness, in the context of The Law we all must follow, the Law of Nature.

What is being offered in this transitional time is vision. Vision can only be interpreted from experience. That which we have been until now provides the perspective for what we are becoming. That is what qualifies us to inherit the Fifth World. ‘Without Attachment Remember to Remember’ should become the watchword of the future.

Discernment is the act of choosing based on three aspects. The first is a complete investigation of the options. Do your perceptual homework. The second is thorough survey of your choice options using your heart as the evaluator. Which ones sing with the charge of greatest growth and health for you? Which will most plausibly reach your chosen goal? When you have one or two (or three) possibilities in hand, relax and then ask God to lead you to your goal, in whatever way He chooses best.

Storytelling is the timeless process of passing it on. The story, whatever the story, is about ‘us’. The story (experience) of the Fourth World is a profoundly revealing saga of misunderstanding ourselves. It is the ultimate fable because it contains a ‘moral’ soon to be determined: the survival of the human race. Future generations cannot afford to ignore this legacy. If they do, no evolution will be accomplished. History, not understood, will repeat itself. This time around the cycle of cycles our ignorance will be fatal to the species. Our ‘getting it’ in time is the crucial factor. Now there’s a story to tell! But what if there is no story teller left alive?

The good news is, never before in human evolution has our purpose been more accessible. What is being revealed to our spiritual essence in these days is nothing less than enlightenment. As the Buddhists tell us, until the last sentient being is enlightened we will all be mired in this self made illusion known as samsara. Samsara is the karmic condition which brings us back to the starting point of birth after birth after birth. The longer it takes us to ‘get it’ the more we will suffer. It is so essential that we ‘get it’ that many already enlightened beings have for millennia choosen to be reborn just to help us ‘get it’. The Bodhisatvas know that the journey back to our oneness with the Creation is the purpose of all life. When we realize that we cannot be separate from the Creator, we will eventually become creators of universes, ourselves.


Whereas the original model of apprenticeship was the father to son, mother to daughter, daughter to aunt, etc., our present need for another, deeper level is challenging our creative response. . As this new dispensation of focalized spiritual energy intensifies, our response should be gratefully accepting and practicing with the gift. Our collective spontaneous cognition is urging us to circle the wagons. Hopi elders always urged , “The time of the lone wolf is over. Gather yourselves and be good to each other and don’t look outside yourself for the leader.”. Together we can live the grace our hearts’ desire. We can effect outcomes through prayer. We can protect ourselves from disease, dangers, elemental disasters, insanity, and much more.

This prophetic mandate, now has become common sense. The elders also said that anything we choose to do must have the participation and approval of four generations. That means that we behave like a healthy family. And in this particular time, we take the whole family to school. This school is a mystery school. It is our collective responsibility is to understand the ‘moral of the fable’ of the Fourth World. Within that understanding is our liberation from that world. Then we will share the same vision of the Fifth World. When we all carry the vision, including the children, we will have built our ark We will have fulfilled our unbroken duty to our ancestors, and created seeds for the fertile soils of the next paradigm.

Today’s parents are being gifted with angels. These bright lights are superhuman seeds already. The Indigo Children phenomena is now recognized as a global one. These babies have come batteries included! I believe that their powers include abilities of very clear discernment. They are our guides. They have the instructions, the maps and intuition. What they still require is the story of the Fourth World. They must understand the gravity of the moral this fable leads to. Then they can guide and walk with us side by side whole heartedly.

The advent of the computer and the coverage and speed of information is now a useful vehicle for formulating the vision as we go. First, our research into the historic, scientific, political, and environmental aspects of the fable must be assembled. Then the cultural/social aspects of our story need to be assembled and examined in order to flesh out the picture. Accessing the particular information we need to teach and learn will be aided by electronics. What we are building is the new myth which our great great great grandchildren will tell their grandchildren. Each generation has its own experience, so we are integrating four interpretations of the data in our generation’s contribution. This is the way all our ancestors created their chapters to the story. I guess we should stick to what works. Respect will well serve us now.

I call this apprenticeship because we are all teachers and all students at the same time. We share knowledge of our skills as we build our ark together. With our minds focused on the goal of learning what the Fourth World has to teach us, we will be qualified to vision the Fifth World with clear determination to make it so. This is what I call Dancing Awake the Fifth World.


Jack Hopper Trilogy Acknowledgements


John & Nala

The process of manifesting this tale has been cosmic. Every time I needed assistance another qualified friend appeared at the precise time I needed one. No money has been exchanged for their services. So this work is purely a labor of Love.I wish to acknowledge Dr. Aumakua Ra, my neighbor and author/artist. I happened into her life as she was publishing her life’s works. It so inspired me that I began and never looked back. Thanks Aum, for your determination and patience.I acknowledge my listeners when I tell stories. To my patient, interested, and easily amused children, grand children, and great grand children. I hope a few might get passed along in the family.

And with my most profound respect and love, the source of my knowledge of Hopi life and my personal world view, one Grandfather Quaah David Monongye. His adoption of me as grandson was the most significant rite of passage of my many subsequent initiations. This book, for one example, could never have been conceived without my association with his eminence as well as those of the other Hotevilla elders over a period of 20 years.

The late James Koots was like a big brother. He, Helen, and their three daughters and one son all adopted me into their family when I lived and taught school at Hotevilla in 1985. They freely shared their insight into the modern Hopi issues and welcomed my occasional inquiries and insights. The other elders who, while still living, I considered my mentors include: Titus Lamson, Carolyn Towangyouma, Dan Evehema, Martin Gashweseoma, Paul Sewamanenwa, John and Mina Lansa.

I also must include my elders at Taos Pueblo, who confirmed the Hopi teachings as being similar to the Tiwa Life plan. My precious time with them in and out of prayer lodges, was my personal maturation process. Each relationship was deeply rewarding and many were later proven quite consequential. They are; Grandfather Little Joe Gomez, John Gomez, Henry Gomez, Suzie Gomez, Frank Zamora, Telesfor Reyna, Pauline Reyna, Jimmey Reyna, Pete and Easy Concha, Phillip Martinez, Joe Trinidad, Richard Deertrack.

gate-13Those who worked on it are listed below plus the relatives who have influenced my original intention. I offer my deepest gratitude to this team who, on their donated time, have invested their expertese and devotion to the project.

My close friend and long tme editor Seth Roffman conducted his usual ‘fine tooth comb’ editing to the first draft. It then went to another dear friend, Chris Wogan who, in his recording studio in Denver, Zero Point Studio where he recorded my reading and formatted it for an audio book. Then his assistant, Randy Lodes and Charles tweaked it so it would be a clean read. It then was sent to Bob Keeton in Santa Fe for a thorough final polish and off to the manufacturer for duplication on CD’s.

My friend James Kelly is the illustrator of the front and back covers. I am so pleased with his characterizations. Thanks Kel for giving perfect images to my imagination.

Dedicated to the Loving Service of Nala (pictured above with John).

Together, we miraculously present the tale of the twenty first Century.

Martin Gashweseoma

Hopi Prophecy

Dancing Awake The Fifth World

Hopi Prophecy

The Essence of Hopi Prophecy



The entire Hopi Prophecy usually
takes many days to tell, and many
life times to fully understand. This is
a short summary of essential points.

The Balance of Life As caretakers of life we affect the balance of nature to such a degree that our own actions determine whether the great cycles of nature bring prosperity or disaster. Our present world is the unfoldment of pattern we set in motion. Our divergence from the natural balance is traced to a point preceding the existence of our present physical form. Once we were able to appear and disappear at will, but through our own arrogance we took our procreative powers for granted and neglected the plan of the creator. As a consequence we became stuck in our physical form, dominated by a continual struggle between our left and right sides, the left being wise but clumsy, and the right being clever and powerful but unwise, forgetful of our original purpose.The Cycle of WorldsThis suicidal split was to govern the entire course of our history through world after world. As life resources diminished in accord with the cycles of nature, we would try to better our situation through our own inventions, believing that any mistakes could be corrected through further inventions. In our cleverness, most of us would lose sight of our original purpose, become involved in a world of our own design, and ultimately oppose the order of the universe itself, becoming the mindless enemy of the few who would still hold the key to survival.

In several previous worlds the majority have advanced their technology in this way, even beyond what we know today. The consequent violations against nature and fellow humans caused severe imbalances which were resolved in the form of war, social disintegration and natural catastrophe. As each world reached the brink of annihilation, there remained a small minority who had managed to live in nearly complete accord with the infinite plan, as implied in the name, Hopi. Toward the final stages they would find themselves beset with signs of disintegration within, as well as enticing offers and severe threats from without, aimed toward forcing them to join the rest of the world.

Our Present World

Our common ancestors were among the small group who miraculously emerged from the last world as it reached its destruction, though they too were tainted with corruption. The seeds of the crisis we face today were brought with us when we first set foot in this world. Upon reaching our present world, our ancestors set out on a long migration to meet the Great Spirit in the form of Maasauu, the caretaker of this land and all that lives upon it. They followed a special pattern, however a very serious omen made a separate journey necessary, in order to balance the extreme disorder anticipated for the later days.

The True White Brother

A Hopi of light complexion, now known as the “true white brother,” left the group and travelled in the direction of rising sun, taking with him a stone tablet which matches a similar tablet held by one of those who went on to meet Maasauu at a place called Oraibi, where the present Hopi villages were established according to his instructions.

The Hopi anticipated the arrival of a race of lightskinned people from the east, predicting many of their inventions , which would serve as signs indicating certain stages in the unfoldment of the pattern the Hopi had studied from antiquity. It was clearly foreseen that the visitors, in their cleverness, might lose sight of their original purpose, in which case they would be very dangerous. Still the Hopi were to watch for one who has not left the spiritual path, and carries the actual stone tablet.

The Swastika and the Sun

Through countless centuries the Hopi have recalled in their ceremonies the previous worlds, our emergence to the present world, and our purpose in coming here. Periodically they have renewed their vow with Maasauu to live the simple, humble way of life he laid out for them, and to preserve the balance of nature for the sake of all living things. The knowledge of world events has been handed down in secret religious societies who keep watch as each stage unfolds.

The leaders watched especially for a series of three world-shaking events, accompanied by the appearance of certain symbols that describe the primordial forces that govern all life, from the sprouting of a seed to global movements such as weather, earthquakes, migrations and wars.

The gourd rattle is a key symbol. A gourd signifies seed force. The shaking of the gourd rattle in ceremonies means the stirring of life forces. On the rattle are drawn the ancient symbols of swastika, showing the spirals of force sprouting from a seed in four directions, surrounded by a ring of red fire, showing the encircling penetration of the sun’s warmth which causes the seed to sprout and grow.

The first two world-shaking events would involve the forces portrayed by the swastika and the sun. Out of the violence and destruction of the first, the strongest elements would emerge with still greater force to produce the second event. When the actual symbols appeared it would be clear that this stage of the prophecy was being fulfilled.

The Gourd Full of Ashes

Eventually a “gourd full of ashes” would be invented, which if dropped from the sky would boil the oceans and burn the land, causing nothing to grow there for many years. This would be the signal for a certain Hopi to bring out his teachings in order to warn the world that the third and final event would happen soon, and that it could bring an end to all life unless people correct themselves and their leaders in time.

Hopi leaders now believe the first two events were the first and second world wars, and the “gourd full of ashes” is the atomic bomb. After the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, teachings formerly kept secret were compared and released to the world. The details presented here are part of those teachings.

The Day of Purification

The final stage, called the ” great day of purification, ” has also been described as a “mystery egg,” in which the forces of the swastika and the sun, plus a third force symbolized by the color red, culminate either in total rebirth, or total annihilation – we don’t yet know which, but the choice is ours. War and natural catastrophe may be involved. The degree of violence will be determined by the degree of inequity caused among the peoples of the world and in the balance of nature. In this crisis, rich and poor will be forced to struggle as equals to survive.

That it will be very violent is now almost taken for granted among traditional Hopi, but man may still lessen the violence by correcting his treatment of nature and fellow man. Ancient spiritually-based communities, such as the Hopi, must especially be preserved and not forced to abandon their wise way of life and the natural resources they have vowed to protect.

The Fate of Mankind

The Hopi play a key role in the survival of the human race, through their vital communion with the unseen forces that hold nature in balance, as an example of a practical alternative to the suicidal man-made system, and as a fulcrum of world events. The pattern is simple. “The whole world will shake and turn red and turn against those who are hindering the Hopi.”

The man-made system now destroying Hopi is deeply involved in similar violations throughout the world. The devastating reversal predicted in the prophecies is part of the natural order. If those who thrive from that system, its money and its laws, can manage to stop it from destroying Hopi, then many may be able to survive the day of purification and enter a new age of peace. But if no one is left to continue the Hopi Way, then the hope for such an age is in vain.

The forces we must face are formidable, but the only alternative is annihilation. Still the man-made system cannot be corrected by any means that requires one’s will to be forced upon another, for that is the source of the problem. If people are to correct themselves and their leaders, the gulf between the two must disappear. To accomplish this one can only rely on the energy of truth itself.

The approach, which is the foundation of the Hopi way of life, is the greatest challenge a mortal can face. Few are likely to accept it. But once peace is established on this basis, and our original way of life is allowed to flourish, we will be able to use our inventive capacity wisely, to encourage rather than threaten life, and benefit everyone rather than giving advantage to a few at the expense of others. Concern for all living things will far surpass personal concerns, bringing greater happiness than could formerly be realized. Then all living things shall enjoy lasting harmony.

Written by Thomas V. Tarbet, Jr., and reviewed by a traditional messenger. All rights concerning this publication are reserved by the author, with the exception that it may be copied or transmitted by any means, provided nothing is added or deleted, and provided it is not sold.
For Further Information
Hopi contacts: Techqua Ikachi Publications
Box 174, Hotevilla, AZ. 86030

Thomas Banyaca, Interpreter
Box 112, Oraibi, AZ. 86039

PS: Thomas Banyacya also had a poignant sense of humor. When he visited Santa Barbara in January 1990 for the Rainbow Uprising Campaign events, while talking to some young people, he observed “I think those people in the United States Government made some mistakes, and a mistake in spelling on their dollar bill. When the white people came they went everywhere digging up the earth to find gold. On the dollar bill it says ‘In God We Trust’ but I think that they misspelled that and they left the ‘l’ out of ‘In Gold We Trust'”.

Thomas Banyacya, Hopi Interpreter

Thomas Banyacya offered to the Global Peace Walk to carry his written messages including especially the Hopi Declaration of Peace

On February 6, 1999, the world lost one of its leading messengers, for nonviolence and the spiritual reawakening necessary to change the course of human history off of the path towards total destruction and onto the path towards true peace and harmony among all life, with the passing of 89 year old Hopi Prophecy spokesman Thomas Banyacya. A sunrise memorial service organized by the International Indian Treaty Council will be held at 6:30AM in San Francisco on Sunday, February 28, 1999, at the top of Bernal Hill at the south end of Folsom Street. Details at 415-641-4482.

Inspired by the great Hopi Elder Yukiuma whom he regarded as “The Hopi Gandhi”, Banyacya spent seven years in prison in the 1940’s because of his steadfast conscientious objection to registering for military service. After the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was seen by the Hopi spiritual leaders as a fulfillment of their ancient prophecies about “the gourd of ashes falling on the Earth two times”, in December of 1948, those leaders from the various Hopi villages and religious societies met for the first time in history to compare their previously secret knowledge as per their ancient instructions handed down through the generations. Banyacya was commissioned at that meeting to bring to the outside world the Message of Peace and the warnings for humanity revealed at this meeting. For the rest of his life he firmly held true to this commitment, despite hardships and criticisms, and traveled widely to carry their message and in the process helped to inspire the revival of the traditional Indigenous American cultures over the past decades. Devoting himself totally to this mission, he still lived a simple lifestyle and he and his family survived as best they could in the traditional ways with some help from the minimal donations of people who supported his work.

Banyacya felt that his life’s mission was fulfilled, after decades of unsuccessful attempts, when he was able to bring the Hopi message and spokesmen to the United Nations (the “house of mica” predicted by the Hopi prophecies) to deliver their messages in 1992 and 1993 in the context of the gathering of global indigenous leaders who came on the occasion of the United Nations designation of 1993 as the International Year of the World’s Indigenous Peoples and 1995-2004 as the International Decade of the World’s Indigenous Peoples.

His message was simple yet still inscrutable to the mind of “Western Civilization”, that all of the problems of modern society are rooted in an error in human thinking clouded by attachments to the world of material comforts and that to solve all of these problems we only have to reawaken spiritually to the innate human/spiritual relationship to all life as our relations, and to all people as one human race. He was convinced that the simple spiritually focused lifestyle is the only one which will survive in these times of increasing wars, violence and even natural disasters brought on by this error in human thinking. His life was an inspiration, for so very many people, to respect the ancient wisdom of the traditional indigenous cultures of our beloved Mother Earth. Decades before scientists recognized the currently evident signs of global climate change he was warning that the actions of industrial society would bring on the calamities we now see all around the world with increasingly devastating storms, earthquakes, etc. Society would be well advised to heed this widsom and take action before it is too late.

Included below is one of his landmark documents, within which is coded the essence of the traditional teachings of the message of peace, which he called “The Hopi Declaration of Peace”. If one were to meditate on its deepest significance the simplicity of the message of peace, and how to implement it, will become clearer. Also included below is a document called “The Essence of Hopi Prophecy” composed by someone in consultation with the Hopi Elders whom Banyacya represented as their traditional messenger. He taught a generalized meaning of the word Hopi, as any people who truly live as “peaceful people”.

One great tragedy of his passing is that the many documents he has produced and accumulated over the years have not yet reached general public attention, but with the capability of the internet today perhaps his wife and children will get the help that they need to bring out these teachings into this realm of modern communications. They may still be reached as Banyacya, PO Box 112, Kykotsmovi, AZ, 86034.



It is in the Power of the True Hopi People to unify the minds and spirits of all true peace seeking peoples of the earth…

“Hopi” means “Peaceful People”… and the truest and greatest power is the strength of Peace…because Peace is the Will Of The Great Spirit…

But do not think that just because the True Hopi People have been told by the Great Spirit never to take up arms… that the True Hopi People will not fight… even die for what we know to be the right way of Life.

The True Hopi People Know how to fight without killing or hurting…

The True Hopi People Know how to fight with Truth and Positive Force In The Light Of The Great Spirit…

The True Hopi People Know how to Educate by clear thoughts… good pictures… and by carefully chosen words…

The True Hopi People Know how to show to all the world’s Children the True Way of Life by setting an example… by working and communicating in a way that reaches the minds and hearts of all people who are truly seeking the methods of a simple and spiritual Life which is the only Life that will survive…


The True Hopi People Know how to show the Right Way of Life to all the world’s people who have ears to listen… who have eyes to see… and who have hearts to understand these things…

The True Hopi People Know how to generate enough Power to link up the forces of the Minds and Spirits of all the True Children of the Earth … and to Unify them with the Positive Force of the Great Spirit so that they may put an end to affliction and persecution in all afflicted places in this world…


Thomas Banyacya
PO Box 112
Kykotsmovi, AZ 86034

Hopi Elders Statement

Dancing Awake The Fifth World

Hopi Elders Statement

You have been telling the people that this is the eleventh hour.
Now you must go back and tell the people that this is the hour.
And there are things to be considered:

Hopi Elder Grandfather David Monongye & John Kimmey

Hopi Elder Grandfather David Monongye & John Kimmey

  • Where are you living?
  • What are you doing?
  • What are your relationships?
  • Are you in right relation?
  • Where is your water?
  • Know your garden
  • It is time to speak your truth
  • Create your community
  • Be good to each other
  • And do not look outside yourself for the leader.

This could be a good time!

There is a river flowing now very fast
It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid
They will try to hold onto the shore
They will feel they are being torn apart
And they will suffer greatly.
Know that the river has its destination.
The elders say we must let go of the shore,
Push off into the river,
Keep our eyes open,
And our heads above water.
Look around, see who is in there with you and celebrate.

At this time in history we are to take nothing personally,
Least of all ourselves
For the moment that we do our spiritual growth and journey comes to a halt.
The time of the lone wolf is over. Gather yourselves!
Banish the word struggle from your attitude and your vocabulary.
All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner
And in celebration.

We are the ones we have been waiting for!

Hopi Independent Nation

John Kimmey Services

John “Eesawu” Kimmey  March 29, 1940 – April 24, 2011
John “Eesawu” Kimmey committed his final transcendence beyond this physical realm on
April 24, 2011 at 11:11 PM MDT at his home in Moffat, CO USA surrounded by many loved ones.]
This page is preserved in memoriam.

My life is dedicated to helping others.
I have acquired various ways to accomplish this mission:

  • I am an empowered practitioner of the Lapis Lazuli Medicine Buddha healing Dharma of the Hanmi Esoteric Buddhism, an 1,400 year old ancient Dharma lineage from China. This practice has been known to cure terminal diseases.
  • I myself was cured of cancer with this practice, thus I have trained to perform this service to others.
  • I am a ceremonial leader in various traditions and believe that creation and participation in ceremony is essential to our collective evolution, so necessary in this time of transformation.
  • I am available as a consultant and teacher in leading you into inclusion of ceremony into your life on a regular basis.
  • I have years of experience in small farm development.
  • My mentors were elder indigenous farmers in the Rio Grande Valley, Hopi Mesas, and among the Dukabors of Southern British Columbia.
  • Crop selection and seed saving is my specialty.
  • I am linked to the network of growers in Northern New Mexico.
  • As an educator I have developed reliable strategies for the inclusion of the ancient process of Apprenticeship into home schooling and progressive school curriculum.
  • Empowerment of our youth is essential in this time, and apprenticeship does the trick.As a great grandfather I have much experience in family and individual counseling.
  • I have a great track record with couples in this regard. I especially emphasize the integration of spiritual precepts into the solution of conflict and/or confusion.
  • My background includes shamanic techniques which I integrate into all my practices.
  • For those interested in persuing intensive self cultivation leading to enlightenment perhaps the Path of Esoteric Buddhism is in your destiny.
  • For information on weekly classes contact me.
  • This Path is demanding and rewarding. When one is dedicated to the practice your own enlightenment is the result.
  • Those who attain it will survive the Time of Purification now upon us.