Dancing Awake The Fifth World



It is our time. We are awakening out of a seemingly eternal sleep. We were once awake and are returning to that state, only this time, as we wake, the doorbell is ringing. We wake on our feet on our way to meeting our new self. What an exciting time! To know there is precious treasure awaiting us on the other side of the door. All that is required is opening the door.

Whoever we bring to the door is no longer qualified to proceed further, other than opening the door. After that another persona with our name will emerge and carry on. This requires faith and courage. What will happen to the ‘old you’ when the advanced you takes control? Who will answer the phone at the office of business as usual? Will anyone recognize the change? Who benefits, and how?

The answers are hidden in a field of energy known simply as US. The old identity of ‘me’ is dissolving in our waking. It was always just a dream, anyway. The emergence into the mystery school of US develops its own character and destiny. It must proceed even though we have no clue where it is taking us. We can only hope it is going to settle in greener, more loving pastures than where we have been camping as slaves.

Welcome to the process of evolution. We are the generations of the Purification Time and we are the ones we have been waiting for. It is for us to ‘Dance Awake the Fifth World’.

Now our source of guidance and inspiration lives inside us. We can call upon It anytime and receive immediate response. This Fifth World Energy slipped up on us and took most of us by surprise. Since then it has been increasing and we have taken it into our hearts mostly unconsciously. The waking up is the knowing it is present and beginning to realize we must get in the driver’s seat and steer.

Unlike the past, which allowed us to live under the illusion that we were each unique and separate, this new energy requires us to be US, Terrans, Family, Tribe, etc. Our survival depends on love, cooperation, collaboration and self sacrifice. Welcome to the Fifth World. Are you ready to dance with us? Frankly, it’s the only game in town where everybody is a winner.

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