Eesawu & Hohongwitutiwa: A Bond of Friendship and Life Purpose

HohongwitutiwaI am writing this article to help explain my relationship with John, and the reason he placed the Earth Mother book on his website for free download. John did provide a note on his reason for presenting the book– the note can be found just below the link for making the e-book download. My words here are meant to expand upon what he wrote, and to explain the bond that existed and still exists between us.

John and I share an unusual connection: we were both mentored by a Hopi elder. John’s mentor and friend was a kikmongwi; I was adopted by a mongwi, a member of the Hopi higher religious order. The adoption not only made me his son, but also a member of the tribe according to Hopi tradition (a mongwi can adopt a certain number of sons or daughters).

When I was adopted I was given the Hopi name Hohongwitutiwa, meaning “spirit energy for human strength and endurance.” My Hopi father was a true father to me, the same as my biological father who died many years ago– I have been very fortunate in life to have two fathers. My Hopi father also mentored me as his kiikelt, or young hawk (learner). He passed on knowledge of our Earth Mother and purification time that the Hopi were instructed to share at the end of the Fourth World in their original instructions. This is sacred knowledge kept private until now, when the signs, dreams and visions indicate that this information is meant to be shared with all of the Earth’s children, to restore what is needed to safely pass through this profound period. To not speak of this knowledge would be a betrayal of the Hopi’s sworn duty to the Earth and Great Spirit. Without a shadow of a doubt, restoring the truth about our Earth and Purification Time – the main focus of this book – cannot serve any wrong purpose.

I shared this knowledge together with  i’uuna, my father, for two years before he died past age one hundred. Since his death, I have continued the work of passing on this information to our brothers and sisters of the Earth. After John received this information, he included the knowledge of the Sacred Path of Migration in his presentations. We both felt a deep love and respect for our Hopi mentors, and the importance of carrying out the instructions given to the Hopi for this period.

The heart of this knowledge can be expressed as four fundamental ideas, which were included in the introduction of the Earth Mother book under the heading “The Heart of the Book.” Much of this knowledge will be new to most people, and so is best contemplated with open minds, as we did as children when experiencing new ideas. Here, extracted from the book and slightly edited, is that section, expressing four fundamental concepts at the heart of Hopi knowledge, part of their spirit laws (pootskwani), or  Law of Life, which the Hopi, who recognize the signs are instructed to share now.

The Heart of The Book

After being raised within a particular worldview, it is difficult to step out of it, seeing the world in an entirely new light; one in which the Earth is a great living being filled with the life, consciousness, and power of God, from whom we are given life and all we possess; one where the Earth has been carrying us through the ages, evolving us from stage-to-stage toward a perfected form in the heavenly orbit of the Morning Star. But this understanding is what we need to safely travel through this Purification Time.

1) Earth Mother: A true comprehension of the Earth, our relationship to Her and Her calendar Time; and how humankind’s earliest existence, present development, and future destiny all depend upon our Mother Earth.

2) Our Evolutionary Cycle: The meaningfulness of the universe, with its purposeful design progressing life through an evolutionary cycle operating in Nature. How we have reentered one of those cycles within our solar system, which for the Earth is the final step to our perfected life.

3) Warnings & Time: Warnings sent to educate and protect us from an unexpected and deceptive choice forecast to arise in the days ahead. This choice relates to a “Time-frame” not meant for us. The forthcoming choice to remain immovable from the Earth, or not, will decide our futures.

4) Creation, Nature & Death: How our progress is both internal (personal spiritual development), AND through Nature’s direct involvement; and the understanding that dying on Earth is nothing to fear. Death is a normal part of our progress, as natural as breathing.

Earth Mother

A proper appreciation of our Earth Mother begins by understanding that the universe is filled with the life of the Great Spirit, and that the Earth is our most imminent expression of that omnipresent, conscious intelligence, from whom life comes “down” to us. As new as this idea may be to some, Mother Earth is our nearest expression of the Godhead, whose “inner” fatherly life is known to us by different names within the religions of the world. This is a startling idea to many in our modern era, an idea once known and then lost through the ages. This knowledge is being restored now by our Earth Mother, to help us remember all She means to us, and to protect us from treachery that would take us from Her, just as She is about to reward Her faithful children with their highest life.

Most people have felt a special peace when spending time in Nature, especially in undisturbed, wilderness areas of the Earth. Watching the grand circle of the Earth’s life operate so harmoniously, speaks volumes about the wisdom and intelligence behind it.

That same universal, fatherly intelligence, honored by many indigenous peoples down the ages, lies close beneath our feet in our Mother Earth.

The Hopi refer to our living Earth Mother in their highest spirit law, Tutskwa I’qatsi, Land and Life are one: the Earth’s body is our Land (feminine-Mother), and Her inner Core-Heart is Her Life (masculine-Father). The bible itself refers to a wise and intelligent earth, when it states: “…speak to the earth and it shall teach thee…” (Job 12:8)

How much do we owe to the Earth – the one who gives us life, a home, all we possess, and carries us toward our highest existence? With that question in mind, what should we return to Her? – our gratitude, loving devotion, trust and loyalty? Have we not been charged to love our Creator with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength? What we owe, and should deservedly return to our Earth Mother, is a question left for each of us to answer.

Our Evolutionary Cycle

Perhaps the greatest difference between native and other religions is this: we believe in God and evolution. We believe God’s greatest work is through evolution. God is the divine artist; evolution is the divine art. Evolution is God’s Kiln, and man is still in the making.
(Native American Priest)

There is a cyclical process in Nature which moves life forward upon each mother world. This advancement of life requires the linear, calendar time we are provided by our Mother Earth. The periodic movements and evolutionary progress within this cycle occur at the end of Purification Times, when each world flies closer to the sun, and the life upon it is evolved to a higher stage due to the excitation present during these times.

This provides a complete picture of evolutionary change, which scientists do not yet fully grasp. They know evolution occurs, but there are problems with the idea of gradual evolution, due to missing successions of transitional forms in the fossil record. When we understand that evolution occurs after long intervals of uniformity (at Purification Times), much becomes clearer. Punctuated evolution, which agrees with the fossil record, is now a scientific theory called Punctuated Equilibria, a theory that agrees with the knowledge preserved from ancient times. When creation and evolution are not seen to be in opposition, so much becomes clear.

Our solar system has entered into another Purification cycle. For the Earth it is the final one, advancing Her to the crowning place of our system. As described above, at the end of Purification Times life is evolved to more advanced species adapted to live in their new environs. This progressive process, unheard-of to most in our day, is known as The Sacred Path of Migration. Following the Earth’s migration to its new position and density, humankind will evolve to an incorruptible form in an earthly paradise, where all live together in harmony.

The Sacred Path of Migration specifies the importance of remaining upon our mother world, from earliest beginnings to our completed forms, in what some indigenous peoples call the Fifth World. We have a contract with our Creator to remain in the calendar Time given us on Earth, allowing us to evolve forward toward the heavenly Fifth World, and our completed evolutionary life.

Here are some words from my native father on our evolution to the Fifth World (emphases are his).

When we reach (the Fifth World) we will be COMPLETE…
Earth Mother will remove the blindfold from our eyes
and our minds. She will give us the knowledge to all the
mysteries. And because we will be PERFECT, we will not
abuse the universal truths. We will then be the guardians
of our younger, un-evolved brothers and sisters.

I sometimes hear people speaking about our “ascension” – something they perceive as solely internal, carrying us beyond creation. But the universe is very important to us, as we have traveled across the ages with the Earth to be where we are now, as Homo sapiens. We are not yet finished along that evolutionary journey, but are about to receive our perfected lifeforms at the end of this purification cycle.

 Earth Mother’s Warnings

Within creation there is another road we can choose. This other road is alluring, but when taken breaks our covenants with God, removing us from the Earth and our coming completed life with Her. Native priests know this ungodly road relates to “Time-as-direction,” the reason compass directions are honored among peoples going far back in history. “Time-as-direction” is an incomplete knowledge of Time, allowing entry into a time structure not meant for us while we are still unfinished in our evolutionary development, as we are now.

Those in-the-know have secretly been using this Time-structure for many centuries to gain wealth and power. The knowledge preserved by native peoples warns that this Time reality will soon be announced to the world, and made to look wonderful in order to entice us into going there. Those who fall prey to this deception, abandoning their Earth Mother for the forbidden Time, must finally prey upon others to sustain their lives. They need us there for that dark purpose, but we certainly do not need them.

Down the ages this unholy Time-frame has been spoken of as an abomination, an accursed place devoid of godliness. Those who fall into the snare used to lure us there will be making a tragic mistake that leads to devolution – to what the bible speaks of as “beasts” and “outer darkness, and the Hopi call “qaloma katsinam.” The Hopi also warn of this zig-zag road (unlike the straight-line, linear Time on Earth) leading to oblivion, as shown on their Prophecy Rock. If we follow our hearts, remaining immovable from the Earth, we are on a safe course, the true road to our perfected life as designed by the Great Spirit.

The Importance of Creation and Nature

Many people today see our spiritual progress as an internal process alone, occurring over one lifetime, or many. But elders counsel that our progress depends upon both our internal purity(personal spiritual development) AND Nature’s direct involvementat the end of Purification cycles (evolution). At those times our mother world moves-up in our system, and life is further evolved. Those of Earth’s loyal children, who have worked to improve themselves and remained immovable, are then evolved to their next highest stage of life.

During our present purification cycle, humanity will have the opportunity to take the final step up the evolutionary ladder to our perfected, incorruptible lifeforms. Although our progress depends upon our internal purity and Nature’s part in evolving life, this book concerns itself more with the latter process, which is less understood and especially needed now.

Our progress normally occurs over a series of lifetimes. Following death, the Earth holds us within Her great life, later returning us to a new lifetime to continue our growth. Within this process, death is not fearful, but necessary and natural, a normal part of our ongoing, evolutionary progress. In past ages, and continuing among many traditional native peoples today, death is respected and honored rather than feared, and recognized as an essential part of our progress on Earth.

It is impossible that anything so natural, so necessary, and so universal as death, should ever have been designed by Providence as an evil to mankind. ~ Jonathan Swift

In the following, my native father shares his words about death (speaking to his granddaughter).

Do not be afraid to die, my granddaughter. You want to live forever in this form you have now in this Fourth World, where even children die of hunger, and no water, and getting very sick with many diseases, and wicked people are going around hurting and killing? Or do you want to go to the Fifth World, where there is no more struggling? Maybe you would speak to me: “when will these things be happening? I don’t want to die a young woman!” I answer you: “be strong hearted!” Every day, even small children and newborn babies are dying, and women younger than you are dying, and many young men going to war are dying. In 110 years all creatures alive today will be gone and replaced by new creatures. To be born is natural and  to die is also natural.

From the blue ocean of death
Life is flowing like nectar.
In life there is death; in death there is life.
So where is fear, where is fear?… ~ Phire Chalo

Each lifetime affords us an opportunity – through the free will choices we make, and the consequences they return – to purify ourselves further, to become more loving and unselfish. As our purity grows (hopefully) over our lifetime(s) through the ages, our Earth Mother evolves us to more perfect forms. She does this as She moves nearer the sun following each Purification cycle.

I hold that when a person dies, his Soul returns again to earth; Arrayed in some new flesh-disguise, another mother gives him birth. With sturdier limbs and brighter brain, the old soul takes the road again. ~ John Masefield

The prophetic period we have reentered requires a keen awareness of our ongoing progress within creation, so we can wisely and safely traverse this special period. This is a time to search our minds and hearts carefully, to find what our existence on Earth truly means to us, as we face the choices and chaotic times that lie ahead.


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