Fifth World Apprentinceship

Dancing Awake The Fifth World

Fifth World Apprenticeship

Perhaps I am so appreciative of this form of education because I have apprenticed with so many masters throughout my life. I am, in fact, still an apprentice at the age of 67. I seem to attract great teachers. I have never been one to go out in search of them,They just seem to find me. Anyway, I would like to share some of my insights which developed from my learning experiences.Apprenticeship is the oldest form of learning. It is so effective that most of creation is dependant upon parental and collective guidance for survival, and evolution. Seldom in the biological world does any species enter this world knowing how to feed itself. It’s up to the adults to impart this knowledge, always by example. A modern theory of evolution states that the sole function of life is to generate and pass on information. Consciousness is the only eternal reality. Everything else is impermanent, therefore an illusion.So now we are entering an entirely new cycle of evolution. You might ask, “so why do we need to remember our past experience if we are about to experience a new reality”? That is a very valid question and one which must be answered before we can proceed into our new experience. My answer is that we must learn how to learn, no matter where we go next. The unbroken transmission from the learned to the unlearned is a natural obligation of having a life. Learning is the process of interpreting our reality. Without the process there would be no need for experience. And even a rock has consciousness. We know because it knows how to be a rock. It follows all the laws of rock ness, in the context of The Law we all must follow, the Law of Nature.

What is being offered in this transitional time is vision. Vision can only be interpreted from experience. That which we have been until now provides the perspective for what we are becoming. That is what qualifies us to inherit the Fifth World. ‘Without Attachment Remember to Remember’ should become the watchword of the future.

Discernment is the act of choosing based on three aspects. The first is a complete investigation of the options. Do your perceptual homework. The second is thorough survey of your choice options using your heart as the evaluator. Which ones sing with the charge of greatest growth and health for you? Which will most plausibly reach your chosen goal? When you have one or two (or three) possibilities in hand, relax and then ask God to lead you to your goal, in whatever way He chooses best.

Storytelling is the timeless process of passing it on. The story, whatever the story, is about ‘us’. The story (experience) of the Fourth World is a profoundly revealing saga of misunderstanding ourselves. It is the ultimate fable because it contains a ‘moral’ soon to be determined: the survival of the human race. Future generations cannot afford to ignore this legacy. If they do, no evolution will be accomplished. History, not understood, will repeat itself. This time around the cycle of cycles our ignorance will be fatal to the species. Our ‘getting it’ in time is the crucial factor. Now there’s a story to tell! But what if there is no story teller left alive?

The good news is, never before in human evolution has our purpose been more accessible. What is being revealed to our spiritual essence in these days is nothing less than enlightenment. As the Buddhists tell us, until the last sentient being is enlightened we will all be mired in this self made illusion known as samsara. Samsara is the karmic condition which brings us back to the starting point of birth after birth after birth. The longer it takes us to ‘get it’ the more we will suffer. It is so essential that we ‘get it’ that many already enlightened beings have for millennia choosen to be reborn just to help us ‘get it’. The Bodhisatvas know that the journey back to our oneness with the Creation is the purpose of all life. When we realize that we cannot be separate from the Creator, we will eventually become creators of universes, ourselves.


Whereas the original model of apprenticeship was the father to son, mother to daughter, daughter to aunt, etc., our present need for another, deeper level is challenging our creative response. . As this new dispensation of focalized spiritual energy intensifies, our response should be gratefully accepting and practicing with the gift. Our collective spontaneous cognition is urging us to circle the wagons. Hopi elders always urged , “The time of the lone wolf is over. Gather yourselves and be good to each other and don’t look outside yourself for the leader.”. Together we can live the grace our hearts’ desire. We can effect outcomes through prayer. We can protect ourselves from disease, dangers, elemental disasters, insanity, and much more.

This prophetic mandate, now has become common sense. The elders also said that anything we choose to do must have the participation and approval of four generations. That means that we behave like a healthy family. And in this particular time, we take the whole family to school. This school is a mystery school. It is our collective responsibility is to understand the ‘moral of the fable’ of the Fourth World. Within that understanding is our liberation from that world. Then we will share the same vision of the Fifth World. When we all carry the vision, including the children, we will have built our ark We will have fulfilled our unbroken duty to our ancestors, and created seeds for the fertile soils of the next paradigm.

Today’s parents are being gifted with angels. These bright lights are superhuman seeds already. The Indigo Children phenomena is now recognized as a global one. These babies have come batteries included! I believe that their powers include abilities of very clear discernment. They are our guides. They have the instructions, the maps and intuition. What they still require is the story of the Fourth World. They must understand the gravity of the moral this fable leads to. Then they can guide and walk with us side by side whole heartedly.

The advent of the computer and the coverage and speed of information is now a useful vehicle for formulating the vision as we go. First, our research into the historic, scientific, political, and environmental aspects of the fable must be assembled. Then the cultural/social aspects of our story need to be assembled and examined in order to flesh out the picture. Accessing the particular information we need to teach and learn will be aided by electronics. What we are building is the new myth which our great great great grandchildren will tell their grandchildren. Each generation has its own experience, so we are integrating four interpretations of the data in our generation’s contribution. This is the way all our ancestors created their chapters to the story. I guess we should stick to what works. Respect will well serve us now.

I call this apprenticeship because we are all teachers and all students at the same time. We share knowledge of our skills as we build our ark together. With our minds focused on the goal of learning what the Fourth World has to teach us, we will be qualified to vision the Fifth World with clear determination to make it so. This is what I call Dancing Awake the Fifth World.

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