Jack Hopper Trilogy Acknowledgements


John & Nala

The process of manifesting this tale has been cosmic. Every time I needed assistance another qualified friend appeared at the precise time I needed one. No money has been exchanged for their services. So this work is purely a labor of Love.I wish to acknowledge Dr. Aumakua Ra, my neighbor and author/artist. I happened into her life as she was publishing her life’s works. It so inspired me that I began and never looked back. Thanks Aum, for your determination and patience.I acknowledge my listeners when I tell stories. To my patient, interested, and easily amused children, grand children, and great grand children. I hope a few might get passed along in the family.

And with my most profound respect and love, the source of my knowledge of Hopi life and my personal world view, one Grandfather Quaah David Monongye. His adoption of me as grandson was the most significant rite of passage of my many subsequent initiations. This book, for one example, could never have been conceived without my association with his eminence as well as those of the other Hotevilla elders over a period of 20 years.

The late James Koots was like a big brother. He, Helen, and their three daughters and one son all adopted me into their family when I lived and taught school at Hotevilla in 1985. They freely shared their insight into the modern Hopi issues and welcomed my occasional inquiries and insights. The other elders who, while still living, I considered my mentors include: Titus Lamson, Carolyn Towangyouma, Dan Evehema, Martin Gashweseoma, Paul Sewamanenwa, John and Mina Lansa.

I also must include my elders at Taos Pueblo, who confirmed the Hopi teachings as being similar to the Tiwa Life plan. My precious time with them in and out of prayer lodges, was my personal maturation process. Each relationship was deeply rewarding and many were later proven quite consequential. They are; Grandfather Little Joe Gomez, John Gomez, Henry Gomez, Suzie Gomez, Frank Zamora, Telesfor Reyna, Pauline Reyna, Jimmey Reyna, Pete and Easy Concha, Phillip Martinez, Joe Trinidad, Richard Deertrack.

gate-13Those who worked on it are listed below plus the relatives who have influenced my original intention. I offer my deepest gratitude to this team who, on their donated time, have invested their expertese and devotion to the project.

My close friend and long tme editor Seth Roffman conducted his usual ‘fine tooth comb’ editing to the first draft. It then went to another dear friend, Chris Wogan who, in his recording studio in Denver, Zero Point Studio where he recorded my reading and formatted it for an audio book. Then his assistant, Randy Lodes and Charles tweaked it so it would be a clean read. It then was sent to Bob Keeton in Santa Fe for a thorough final polish and off to the manufacturer for duplication on CD’s.

My friend James Kelly is the illustrator of the front and back covers. I am so pleased with his characterizations. Thanks Kel for giving perfect images to my imagination.

Dedicated to the Loving Service of Nala (pictured above with John).

Together, we miraculously present the tale of the twenty first Century.

Martin Gashweseoma

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