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Native American Prophecy by John Kimmey (Eesawu)


Greetings from John,

HAPPY NEW WORLD! The Fifth World has just leaped into hyper drive and we are all trying to catch up! The political and social realms have metamorphed and the spiritual realm is bearing down upon us in earnest. We are being shown glimpses of futures we could make happen. Some are horrifying and some are glorious. The bummer visions are of massive earth changes sweeping up life like a great dust pile from Nature’s broom to the dust pan of history and on out to become particles and eventually the seeds of future planets.

The key to the resolution of this extreme polarity is, of course, the opposite of fear: LOVE. And that love is needed desperately by Mother Earth and her family of Sun and planets. A Mayan holy man once told me, “2012 is not the end of the world but the end of our solar system context of time. We are going from solar consciousness to galactic time. All of our precise calculations in Mayan Time Science are but stepping stones to joining the Universe. We are, after all, God’s apprentices!”

Now many of us share a compelling urge to leap into ever deeper spiritual practice. People of faith are discovering that their prayers are being answered more quickly than ever. Meditations are deeper and more fruitful. Communion with the spirit world has never been more intimate and meaningful. We can now forge partnerships with our Spirit Guides to accomplish specific tasks. When folks gather in celebration and circle up there is a tangible sense of belonging to something greater than our individual selves. What I feel, being and Aries, is a powerful spirit of pure potential. As if destiny had wrought the moment with something very specific in mind.

We must seize those opportunities which destiny is dishing out . But how do we choose a target, direction, goal or dream? When I ask that of myself the immediate response is coming from the bottom of my feet. It is our beloved Mother Earth waiting for our dreams to finish so we can awaken into the ‘real world’ again and return home to her loving embrace. We, her errant children, can no longer indulge in the luxury of misbehavior. We are now conducting our own rite of passage out of evolutionary childhood into becoming evolutionary adults. And Mother has immediate need of our responsible stewardship. Until we have restored balance and a harmonious relationship with our Mother , our personal dreams and aspirations are meaningless and only encourage chaos. So let’s get together and beeeeeeeeeee all right!!!

By John Kimmey

As Southern California burns,
And Florida dries up,
As Population soars,
And food production diminishes,
As wild food sources dwindle,
And genetic crop contamination is rampant,
As epidemics loom,
And wars rage,
We can only decide to survive or not.

Now is the time. Tomorrow will be too late.So what defines a survivor?
A survivor is one who works out,
A survivor is learning survival skills,
A survivor is paying attention,
A survivor is positive,
A survivor is communing with Spirit.
A survivor is not wasting precious time,
A survivor has a sense of humor,
And takes nothing personally,
Least of all one’s self!

We all share a common angst called the future,
It will not be denied its day,
Our enlightenment is emminent,
As our superstitions dissolve before our third eyes.
Our hearts are one,
And like children entering the dark forest,
Our hands are clasped.
Before us evolution beacons,
I take my place with you, as an elder,
And I join you with all my heart.

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