Jack Hopper Trilogy Reviews


If I were to choose one story for everybody to read, I’d pick the Jack Hopper Trilogy. This would cause minds to quicken and become aligned in harmony with the Universe. This charming trilogy is the finest example of a fictional tale speaking the underlying, time-tested truth. As you read along it becomes clear that there is so much to be learned from this wisdom. The knowledge embodied in the Hopi Prophecy is about the only truth left in the world today. All the main characters are symbolic of hidden lessons presented in the prophecy. All life forms had the power to co-create, but this ancient knowledge was ignored and forgotten. It is the story of a talking coyote who forms a coalition with a boy, his horse, and a golden eagle. Cuahtli, the eagle, invites them to follow their dreams of saving the dying Earth. The spiritual path is the only given path, as Cuahtli, messenger from the Spirit World, proclaimed. From this bond of four enlightened brothers, they found the Spirit-Beings, humans and animals who all wished to follow their hearts, and each sharing their own special gifts, helped complete the Purification of this, the Fourth World, rescue the remaining survivors during the rebirth?with lots of help from Pahana, the Purifier, and other spiritual entities. Chua, an underground spirit being, was responsible for revegetating and renewing the natural landscape that had been destroyed in the last world. Then the four brothers laid the truth on the President of the United States, demonstrating without a doubt the power of the Great Spirit?God?by means of their own love-powered Golden Ark of the Fifth World. Thus, entering the age of light without heat, a terrific new beginning. Sounds enticing, huh?


All I can say is you must read it because the wisdom that relates truth throughout this fantastic story is found on every page. Written by a man whose entire life thus far is reflected in his words. After reading along on this sojourn, you’ll find your own dormant powers awakening, and you’ll be grinning from ear to ear.
There’s so much more to the story to enjoy and understand, so without telling any more of it, I’ll conclude with this: Here’s a book that had to be written eventually, and only one person was and is so qualified to write it, John Kimmey.
~ Craig Crowler


From the wisdom of the Hopi to the learning of the prophecy and the purification, this is written in a way that probably is only how it could be told; this is one entertaining story from the beginning to the end. To start with a coyote in Barstow, throw in a kid from Farmington and horse named Honzoni, and take us on this fabulous ride inside the major events happening across the land was truly a moving and heart felt adventure in reading. I was never at a point where I could or even wanted to put it down. You have written it in a style that takes the reader on journey from the words of the Hopi in a direction of relating that is the right way. I found myself being a part of each character and you brought into each character such a living presence. Bringing in the involvement of the President, the ceremonies and the connection with man and beast, then connecting them to the Great Spirit and the rest in the way you did was just marvelous. This would make a great movie! Yet right, it is all about communication…
~ John Yearout

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