Dancing Awake The Fifth World

Mission Statement

There is a tremendous waste of precious time and energy now among good, genuinely concerned folks. Reacting to the crumbling empire is getting us nowhere. It is definitely crumbling, or more descriptively, the dominoes are falling. There is no point in trying to ‘save’ it. It’s not savable. Let’s move on. Our purpose here at this site is to call in the visionaries. Those of us who harbor deeply held ideas of how an ideal society would look, walk, talk and celebrate this miraculous gift of life, are now called upon to express and discuss, and ultimately dance awake our deepest hearts desires.

Grandfather David Monongye, the last Hopi Prophet, said that in the Fifth World there would be one language spoken and one religion practiced. The language would come from the Heart and the religion would come from the Earth. When people live in balance with the creation nothing else will be needed. So this is the foundation stone for our collective vision. Through deep meditation, prayer, and seeking out the inner vision, we can not only describe what is coming to replace the faltering Fourth World, together we can start living it in our daily lives. This is what is meant by Dancing Awake the Fifth World. Are you ready to dance?

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